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Re: ATCJomo

Postby Lydiot » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:21 pm

KL-666 wrote:Lydiot,

I have already explained to you why your first post in this case was an attack. You could have given your vision without making me out for a liar.

But think about what you're saying now:

- You make a claim.
- I say the claim is not true.
- You then accuse me of calling you a liar, of making "outrageous", "vicious" "attacks", and you also call for a "respectful" discussion.

Now, if you think about what you're saying then it actually stands to reason that using your logic, the only way for me to have a discussion with you that you think is "respectful", without "attacking" you, is to NOT say that something you say is not true - regardless of whether or not it actually is true in real life. As a matter of fact, even if I just state something that is mutually exclusive to what you're stating is indirectly calling you a liar by your standard.

That's the contemporary "snowflake" attitude we see today. But if you're actually wrong about something you'll never learn if the above is your attitude.

When I say that you're saying something that isn't true that isn't me calling you a liar, it's me saying what you said wasn't true. You could be wrong for a lot of reasons; you could have misunderstood something, you could have missed important information, etc. It doesn't have to mean that I think you're deliberately lying.

And don't forget that your logic goes 'both ways'; If you say something incompatible with what I say, then you're saying that I'm wrong, and that apparently is the same as you calling me a liar, so really you've already attacked me viciously several times already, which is outrageous.

But I give you an A+ grade in managing to completely shift the discussion from what Jomo did to you feeling insulted. You made this all about yourself. It's said that we're made in god's image, so that'd explain the god complex I suppose.

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Re: ATCJomo

Postby KL-666 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:14 am


Interesting that words can be made bold on this forum. I should try that some day.

The content of your text is not so interesting, because you expose yourself as not having understood, or deliberately are not willing to understand, my argument why your post was an attack.

By that, you try to force me into repeating myself. But i shall not do that, in order not to bore the other readers to death.

Good day,


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