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FGMEMBERS 737-800YV little problem [Solved]

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:35 pm
by camileck
Hello All, my first post here :) I have downloaded 737-NG from FGAddon official hangar and 737-800 from FGMEMBERS (737-800YV). I have official 737NG in default path - ~/.fgfs/Aircraft/org.flightgear.fgaddon/737NG and "custom" one in ~/.fgfs/CustomAircraft/Aircraft/737-800YV. I have specified additional path in Launcher wizard, I can see both official and custom aircraft in aircraft selection menu, I can successfuly tick (highlight) custom aircraft but still "default" one from FGAddon is being loaded. The only solution is to rename original 737NG folder, then "custom" aircraft is being loaded. Is it possible to set the paths priorities somehow to have the custom aircraft loaded by default without renaming FGAddon aircraft folder?

Log file abstract:

Code: Select all

input:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/options.cxx:2135:aircraft = 737-800
general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:575:Loading aircraft from package:org.flightgear.fgaddon.737-800
general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:211:found aircraft in dir: /home/camileck/.fgfs/Aircraft/org.flightgear.fgaddon/Aircraft/737NG


general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/options.cxx:2441:   option:aircraft-dir = /home/camileck/.fgfs/CustomAircraft/Aircraft/737-800YV


general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:708:Configuration State
general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:709:======= ==============
general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:711:aircraft-dir = "/home/camileck/.fgfs/Aircraft/org.flightgear.fgaddon/Aircraft/737NG"


general:3:/build/flightgear-HKtUQH/flightgear-2017.2.1/src/Main/fg_init.cxx:716:aircraft-search-paths =

Re: FGMEMBERS 737-800YV little problem

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:08 pm
Brief answer.

If the -set.xml file of two aircrafts in your compiled path have same names you won't be able to load but only one of those aircrafts.

Rename set files so no 2 of them are the same and you will be able to have both aircrafts installed and selectable.

This is better than renaming folder name, since the folder name is for most aircrafts hard coded. Once you alter the folder name your craft is unloadable till you either restore the folder name, or you correct all the hard paths in aircraft source, which is a harder approach to simply rename the set file.

Off course by renaming folder name, changing the set file name, and correcting the hard paths to folder name, all together, you would be creating a new independent aircraft that can be developed by itself further.


Re: FGMEMBERS 737-800YV little problem

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:16 pm
:) And welcome to the forum

Re: FGMEMBERS 737-800YV little problem

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:21 pm
by camileck
As simple as that! Reneming *-set files worked like a charm! Thank you Ihcol!