Pilot stick forces

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Pilot stick forces

Postby bomber » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:18 pm

Some time back I attempted to have a conversation about this over on the other forum.... but it came to naught, so I'd like to get your opinions on the subject.

Here's the scenario.

A pilot is flying straight and level with no aileron deflection, he's got both hands on the stick and the side forces he's feeling is nominal. The drags being generated by each wing is a fixed value (let's say 100lb each)...

He then decides to see how fast he can roll the plane at it's present speed so he quickly moves the stick to one side until it reaches it's stops. Due to the aileron deflection the drags being produced by both wings is now

100lbs +35lbs = 135lbs
value for 2 wings = 2 x 135lbs = 270lbs
or put another way an increase in drag of 70lbs.

The pilot is capable of withstanding for a short time back forces via the stick of no greater than 30lbs

So the question is if we consider there to be different moment arms for the stick and the ailerons of say in the region of 1:2, ( seems reasonable as there's being some serious space constraints between the cockpit and the wings) The pilot would be feeling a back force of 35lbs.

Would it be reasonable to expect the ailerons to be pushed back into the wing until the pilots see's a backforce he's capable of opposing ie 30lbs.

Do you see any other forces within this system ?



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