Planes and Scenery for the Zeppelin event.

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Planes and Scenery for the Zeppelin event.

Postby LesterBoffo » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:35 am

Just some links for the two HD aircraft and model updates and files for the scenery additions for the Zeppelins over London event on January 20

New LFGG-WWI Model folder ( to replace the old LFGG-WWI folder if you already have it. )

Note: the old Alsace region .stg files aren't included in this zip, they were for the old Alsace region aerodromes and will not be needed unless you want Belfort, Corcieux, Habsheim, and EDNY Fredrichschafen's Zeppelin Aerodrome. This is to keep the folder tidy.

New stg's (...and material calls for the UK...) for both Stow Maries and Merelbeke..

( Back up your old materials.xml just in case..)

This download assumes that you already have the WWI materials and texture patch for the Alsace region I uploaded back in 2015, it should work with the present FG 2017.X.X releases, as long as the texture calls match what you have in your FG/textures/terrain folder.

And as always, tell me if there are issues.

P.S. changed Zeppelin Event download 09:00 PST.

P.S.S. updated the BE-12, wrong folder call in panel.xml

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