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Re: Concorde MP ready

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:18 am
by V12
Is it possible to find out if the aircraft is piloted by me, or is it AI model piloted by other multiplayer pilot ? I have idea - when the plane is piloted by MP pilot, main panel and overhead console will be not loaded, when the plane come on the scene. It should remove lag and simulation crash on the computers with small amount of RAM.

Re: Concorde MP ready

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:37 pm
by V12
Solved ! Now, model is loaded in split of the second after logged into MP. I moved all heavy interior things and instruments to concorde-interior.xml file and that file into <usage> tag in the -set.xml. Result - in MP environment is model loaded without that complicated and time consuming instruments. Tested against B707, B777 and B747. I started 3 FG instances on the notebook, instance with Concorde was on dektop PC. None of them crashed, no Nasal errors in the concole. Framerate on notebook instances was significant higher than before this modification. I hope, Concorde will be no more an evil in the MP.

GIT repo at updated.

Re: Concorde MP ready

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:48 pm
by V12
I found some facts about airliners braking performance at
Then at Edwards AFB I made tests of brake efficiency from 180 kts to full stop with only brakes, no reversers, no flaps / spoilers / airbrakes :
Concorde 16 secs / 5.8ms-2, 750 meters of braking - unrealistic
A340, B777, A380 omega similar to Concorde - considered as strongly unrealistic
B707 23 secs / 4ms-2, 1100 meters of braking considered as possible
IDG A318 27 secs / 3.4ms-2, 1300 meters of braking - should be OK
IDG A330 31 secs / 3ms-2, 1500 meters of braking - again OK
B747 36 secs / 2.6ms-2, 1700 meters of braking - considered as realistic

Repair of the unrealistic aircraft is simple, as Thorsten wrote in his post :
For JSBSim at least, the drag / friction coefficients in the FDM definitions should do the trick. Reversers might depend on the implementation, whether they're hacky or not.

My Concorde has been fixed - now is 30 secs / 3ms-2 and around 1450 meters from 180 kts to full stop with gross weight 130 tons. With that parameters and maximum landing weight 111 tons is still possible land at Paro, but it is very difficulty. Landing at Merida (SVMD, Venezuela) is almost attempt for suicide.